Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Teacher Resources

"Mooooorie Christmas!"

Top 10 Christmas Related Resource Sites from the Little Bull

The December clock has ticked by so fast, and the Christmas holiday is upon us.  Below, please find a great collection of resources connected to Christmas and other winter holidays.  You can click the site logos to be linked directly to their resources

National Education Assciation - December Holidays Lessons and Resources Grades 6-12:
A great collection of well developed lessons and resources for grades 6-12.  Resources include video, audio, and a broad list of winter holidays besides Christmas including Jewish, Isamic, Hindu, and even Kwanzaa.

HotChalk Lesson Plans Page from Concordia University:
A broad set of full lesson plans by teachers for teachers in the following areas:  Art, Computers & Internet, Language Arts, Math, Multidisciplinary, Music, PE, Science, Social Studies, Other, and Additional Resources.

Scholastic Celebrate Winter Holidays:
A small collection of very well developed resources built around the winter holidays.

Teacher Vision: Slideshows, Printables, Lesson Plans, Quizzes
Christmas Related Resources Connected to: Science, Literature, Food & Recipes, Social Studies, Arts, Math, Reading, Language Arts, plus links to winter related materials and other winter holiday materials

A variety of well developed interactive whiteboard and visual activities for students ages 3-11.

Education world:
A huge library of December lesson ideas, resources and even full lesson plans in a variety of content areas.  Clicking deeper into the topic ideas, you will find more specific resources.
Check out: Polar Express to Learning (such a great book and movie)

A list of mostly ELA-related lessons, including full sets of resources

Ultimate Winter Resources for Teachers:
Mostly full units, also links to other resources such as Pinterest and other websites.

Apples 4 The Teacher:
A collection of resources that are loosely organized around the Christmas Holiday

Teachers First:
A variety of lessons and resources loosely organized around the Christmas holiday

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