Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Teacher Resources

Hello fellow educators!

This coming short holiday week can be a real challenge, so I have compiled some resources of Thanksgiving-related materials that may help you in planning your coming days.  I hope that everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!  Clicking on the site logo will open the content in a new window.

Extensive lessons, resources, videos and materials for all grade levels.

Wide variety of lessons, materials and printable resources, but with an emphasis on lower grade levels.

Very large collection of primary resources, including artwork, and other excellent resources for integrating content into all classrooms.

Lessons, materials and resources for all grade levels.

Mostly printables, worksheets and handouts.  Emphasis on lower grades.

Thanksgiving related materials for all grades and content areas (including music, art and even P.E.)

For more information on arts integration or to contact me directly, follow the little bull.

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