Sunday, June 16, 2013

Participation Rubric

Here is generic rubric I designed for use in any classroom setting.  Before use, it is important that scholars understand the two acronyms used, STAR and PRIDE.  These are most certainly interchangeable with similar core value acronyms at any school.  In this case, they stand for:

Sit up
Track the speaker (or performer)
Ask and Answer questions
Respect others and the classroom


What I find most useful about this rubric and these values is that they do not evaluate a student's actual work, but rather their application and effort.  A child who is a "know it all" or is extremely proficient at content that does not help others or respect the classroom would score much than a student in the opposite position.  A student who is struggling to understand and apply the content in a classroom can still achieve for putting in appropriate effort.   Most importantly, I feel the values of perseverance, responsibility, integrity, discipline and enthusiasm to be much more valuable educationally than any measure of understanding evaluated by a written exam.  A scholar with these characteristics will be ready to face the challenges of common core and of the world.

These core values are something that you will need to discuss and enforce as a class, a grade, a content area, as a school, and as a community at large (parents included).  Consistency with these principles will help any teacher in any content.  If the goal is progress over actual achievement, we have a great deal more potential for growth.

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